Greenteeth grindteeth

Greenteeth® are the most user- & pricefriendly grindteeth with the latest technology.
They are available in different sizes according to the capacity of your machine. In a jiffy the teeth are turned 120° and this is 3 times repeatable. Indeed, you use the entire surface of the teeth. With the aid of a standard wrench you can get your machine ready again without any loss of time.
ALL TEETH ARE AVAILABLE IN SETS OF 10PCS. - DISCOUNT:         - 10% from 200 pieces (20 sets)
  - 20% from 500 pieces (50 sets)


Up to 16 Hp Set of 10pcs. 10,00€/..
100.00€ Per set
Ex Tax: 100.00€
From 18 to 35 Hp Set of 10pcs. 12..
120.00€ Per set
Ex Tax: 120.00€
From 36 to 90 Hp Set of 10pcs. 13..
135.00€ Per set
Ex Tax: 135.00€
From 90 Hp Set of 10pcs. 14,50€/t..
145.00€ Per set
Ex Tax: 145.00€
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